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Hi, I'm Teegan Bartos

An award-winning Career Coach, Resume Writer, and Speaker who always gives it to you straight. 

Hi, I'm Teegan Bartos

An award-winning Career Coach, Resume Writer, and Speaker who always gives it to you straight. 


I'm on a mission to empower ambitious professionals with the confidence they need to act purposefully in their careers. 


I know firsthand how daunting a job search can be but I’ve cracked the code! In the past decade, I’ve helped over 2,500 job seekers achieve their version of professional success, financial stability, and personal fulfillment.


Teegan's Story 

Started from the bottom now I'm here.


I founded Jolt Your Career by leveraging the insights I gained through Department of Labor-funded nonprofit and recruiting roles. 

My career started with a recession rescinded job offer and a year-long job search before landing an ironic Career Preparation role with Job Corps. I quickly gained recognition among the leadership team and was rapidly promoted. 

Then, I was hit by a semi-truck and everything changed. 

After contemplating the meaning of life, I pivoted my career to a WIOA Certified Career Coach, where I worked closely with Fortune 500 companies to employ transitioning veterans and job seekers impacted by RIFs, poverty, and unemployment. Eventually, I sold out for more money as an agency recruiter.

In the interest of helping job seekers cut through the noise of misinformation, outright bad advice, and other BS, I founded and grew Jolt Your Career.  

 Influencer Status

 I currently serve as a subject-matter expert for the National Resume Writers Association, Forbes, Jobscan, and LinkedIn which lead to the influencer status and “Top Career Expert to Follow” on LinkedIn recognition.

Fun Facts 



I'm Neurodiverse 

My #1 secret weapon is my brain literally works differently than everyone else. Most barely notice my speech impediment and would never know I have a memory deficit and am dyslexic if I didn't proudly share it. 


I am a Mother

I am not a working mother, I am not a mompreneur, I am a Mother to a beautiful curly-haired boy named Leo. I have boundaries over my time because family is #1. I can't wait to help you find this kind of alignment in your life.


I Fear Public Speaking

You read that right! As a recovering perfectionist, the last thing I want to do is be in front of a large audience. I choose to be a Speaker because I know how life-changing quality employment is. If I can do scary things, so can you!

Available Courses

On-demand and affordable job search courses for everyone. 


Job Search Clarity 

Align your career with what will bring you optimal fulfillment so you can confidently own, advance, or pivot in your career.

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LinkedIn Before Lunch 

Learn how to create, optimize, and leverage your LinkedIn profile to maximize your career possibilities.  

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Offer Negotiations 

Stop leaving money on the table! Learn how to negotiate your full offer, not just salary with this mastercourse. 

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