Top 10 Fonts for Your Résumé

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Top 10 Fonts for Your Résumé

Typefaces are one of the most important, yet underappreciated elements of resume design. Don’t believe me, Google “the psychology of font” to see how much influence font type has over our subconscious.

There are two main factors when considering font: readability and professionalism.

What’s The Best Font Family For Your Resume?

Most of us know not to use fantasy or cursive font and if it’s been about a decade since you’ve been on your job search you may be thinking a Serif font like Times New Roman with the “feet” on the letters is preferred, but the go-to font family for Professional Resume Writers is Sans Serif.

Sans Serif fonts are the easiest to read digitally and give off a modern and minimalist feel.

Best Fonts For Your Resume  

  • Arial – is Google doc's default font and one of the most common marketing fonts. You can go to 9 pts due to the size and spacing of this font.
  • Avenir – means “future.” Its casual curved edges and geometric look make it a great choice for creatives and early career professionals.
  • Calibri – Microsoft’s sleek default font is great for senior leaders who need to maximize space. It's very legible at 10 or 11 pts.
  • Georgia – is the accessibility-friendly Times New Roman font used by companies like Amazon.
  •  Helvetica – has a bit more flair compared to some of the others.
  • Lato – is an open-source and easy-to-read font. It is the font used on the banner photo above.
  • Open Sans – one of Google’s signature fonts. With its tall and wide design, it's perfect for mid-level professionals without going over the 2-page sweet spot.
  • Roboto – is Google Maps neo-grotesque font has friendly and open curves.
  • Tahoma – was designed for Microsoft as a humanist font with a technical feel.
  • Trebuchet MS – is great for entry-level job seekers looking to fill the page with a heavier font.

Final Thoughts

Don't spend too much time worrying about what font to choose. If you can't choose, go with the default Calibri point 10 or 11 to get the most bang for your buck.

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