Terms and Conditions


Client contracts with Jolt Your Career (JYC) to provide an on-demand resource or a done-for-you service to Client for advertised price and description. The Client acknowledges that all fees are not cancellable or refundable.

The resume draft document will be provided to the Client for review within 5 to 7 business days after the comprehensive interview, along with the provision of the requested information, subject to acts of God, mechanical failure, or other occurrences beyond Jolt Your Career's control.

Client has 3 days to provide revision feedback for corrections (does not include rewrites). Client is entitled to a 30-minute consultation for advice during the revision period. After the proofing and the final document are complete, JYC will provide the Client with written instructions on LinkedIn changes.

JYC is not responsible for errors in information or false information provided by Client or for errors discovered after Client has proofread his/her documents provided.

Client also agrees to provide JYC with requested information in a timely manner to complete the resume project within a 30-day period after Client consultation.