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Signature Packages

Resume Writing & LinkedIn Optimization

Become the sought-after candidate in your industry with expert resume writing and LinkedIn optimization that boldly places you at the forefront of the competition

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Group Coaching + Professional Branding

Fast-track your career and results with a custom resume, LinkedIn optimization, interview prep, salary negotiation, and private 1:1 and group coaching with an expert who works with you until you land THE role you deserve

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In today's competitive job search, a standout resume and a compelling LinkedIn profile are not just beneficial—they're essential.

But Why Stop There? Stand Out with Our Optional Upgrades

To truly distinguish yourself in a sea of corporate leaders, consider enhancing your professional brand with our specialized add-on services. Each is crafted to further refine your presence and showcase your unique strengths and leadership qualities. 

Interview Preparation

Step into your next interview with confidence. Our tailored preparation strategies will equip you with the insights and skills to make a memorable impact.

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Cover Letter Writing

First impressions are crucial. A professionally written cover letter sets the tone for your application, highlighting your synergy with the company and role you're targeting.

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Executive Bio

Narrate your professional journey with an executive bio that encapsulates your career milestones, leadership philosophy, and vision for the future.

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Portfolio Development

Elevate your professional narrative through a visually crafted portfolio. Showcase your recent accomplishments, strategic vision or qualification matrix, and sample projects that align with your top career stories.

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More Services

Return Client Role Add-On

Exclusively for our returning clients. This service focuses on updating your resume with your latest role.

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1-On-1 Career Coaching

As a trained listener, my role is to offer insightful observations and skillful questions that help you clarify your path forward. This one-on-one coaching relationship is a powerful tool to boost your confidence, crystallize your vision, and take purposeful action towards your goals. If you're looking to elevate your career but aren't sure how, this is the service for you.

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